Prevention Education

The goal of the prevention education section is to inform parents, teachers, administrators and others of the resources available to the community of drug education. Here we have featured not only presentations that schools can bring in but also ways that parents can talk to their children about drugs, drug use and their boundaries. Not only can the Jefferson County Health Department offer it's services but so can many of our partners and we want to offer as much prevention education and tools as possible.



Jefferson County Drug Prevention Coalition (JCDPC) has created a rubric to showcase the local agencies and drug prevention topics they offer. Some of these presentations are multiple sessions or one time programs but there are opportunities for train-the-trainer for educators. To schedule a presentation or to learn more, please contact one of our prevention specialists.


Parents and Families

Parents and families who talk to their children about the dangers of  drugs can reduce the risk of drug use by 50%. We have free resources to help families start those conversations. Click on the images above for more information.


College Resources

The DEA offers a website with drug information, resources both at the state and local level and upcoming events like conferences and trainings. They also welcome schools to reach out to bring education to their campus.