Romaine Lettuce- Food Safety Alert

CDC is advising that U.S. consumers not eat any romaine lettuce, and retailers and restaurants not serve or sell any, until we learn more about the outbreak. This investigation is ongoing and the advice will be updated as more information is available. Click here to see the official statement from CDC.

What is E. Coli?

  • Bacteria found in environment, foods, and intestines of animals and humans

  • Most strains of E. Coli are harmless, some can make you sick


  • Proper hygiene and hand washing

  • Practice food safety: clean, separate, cook, and chill

  • Cook meats thoroughly

  • Be aware of cross contamination


Illness can start anywhere from 1-10 days after exposure. Symptoms vary among individuals but can include,

  • severe stomach cramps

  • diarrhea

  • vomiting

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