Sunday, March 18, 2018
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  • You have the power to improve health literacy!!!
  • Look at the Ask Me 3 materials and find out how you can be an active patient.

Health Literacy Guidelines

  1.  Follow the 6 Health Literacy Tips below everytime time you have a medical visit.
  2.  Always ask if you do not understand something.
  3.  Use the resources here to keep yourself, your family, and your friends, safe and informed!!

 Health Literacy Tips

  1. Bring a list of medications - Always have a list of your medications when you go to a visit so you do not have to remember them all!
  2. Bring your Ask Me 3 questionswith you at your visit.  This way, you can remember to ask them, and write down the answers.
  3. Bring a pen - Take a pen with you so you can write down important things.
  4. Bring a friend! - If you take a friend or family member with you, the visit will be less stressful.  Also, they can remember things you might forget!
  5. Educate yourself about your health.  Look at the library or go on the Internet to learn more about your own medical condition, before you go to your medical appointment.

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