Saturday, March 24, 2018
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permitIf you intend to serve or sell food to the public you may need a food and beverage permit.

            • If you plan serve or sell food to the public learn more about our Requirements to Open a Food Establishment.
            • If you plan to serve or sell food you must submit plans of your facility, mobile unit or other facility to the Jefferson County Health Department. Contact the Health Department for more information at (636) 797-3737, extension 3.
            • All Food Service Employees must be trained in food safety and must be trained in a food safety course approved by the Health Department. To learn more go to our Food Safety Education Page.


            • If you plan to set up a temporary food stand you must meet the Requirements to Open a Temporary Food Stand.  NEW!!! Application for Temporary Food Stand Permit. Application must be fully completed and submitted in a timely matter to obtain a permit. Failure to do so can incur additional fees and/or result in no permit being issued. Failure to obtain a permit for temporary food stand activities can result in closure of the stand.
            • Mobile Food Units and Food Trucks are required to have a permit before operating and must meet our Mobile Unit Requirements prior to being approved for a permit.
            • If you plan to serve or sell food to the public and you meet the requirements to open a food establishment you will need to complete and submit the Application for a food establishment permit.
            • Not - For - Profit Organizations are required to have a permit to serve or sell food. Learn more about our Not - For - Profit - Organizations Requirements.
            • Bake Sales are allowed to occur in Jefferson County if they are not part of a permitted event or facility. Learn more about our Bake Sale Restrictions.
            • If you want to can salsa or other foods and sell to the public you will need to prepare and process the food in an inspected facility and must meet FDA Acidified/Low Acid Food and Commercial Canning requirements. It must also be sold under a permit from a permitted food service facility.

 The requirements listed above are derived from the Jefferson County Food Service Order under the 1999 Food Code. These requirements may not be all inclusive and you are encouraged to contact the Jefferson County Health Department if you have any further questions at (636) 797-3737, extention 3. These requirements may differ from those of other counties in Missouri and you are encouraged to contact the county health department in the county in which you plan to serve or sell food for their requirements.

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