Emergency Preparedness

Our Emergency Preparedness Team strives to help our community prepare and respond to public health emergencies and natural disasters. They create and update emergency plans based on past emergencies, training exercises, and input from community partners.


Emergency Response and Planning

- Pre-disaster planning: educating individuals, families and businesses on how to properly prepare for emergencies

- Disaster response: detection and investigation of the emergency and assisting and protecting those affected

- Post-disaster recovery: working with community partners to help community recover and return to pre-disaster status


Disease Surveillance

Our Emergency Preparedness team works with community and state partners to detect, control, and prevent the spread of communicable health threats to our community.

- Investigate reported illnesses

- Monitor and evaluate data

- Collaborate with partners

- Educate the public

- Identify at risk individuals or populations

- Provide reports for the community


Vector Control

Our Vector Control Program provides services for various areas throughout the county.

- Mosquito surveillance

- Complaint investigations

- Education

- Community outreach

The Vector Technician works with our Epidemiologist and Public Health Investigative Nurse to monitor and reduce the spread of diseases through mosquitoes and ticks.

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