Sunday, March 18, 2018
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  • Strong chemical odors such as ammonia (smells similar to cat urine), starter fluid, paint thinner, ether
  • Meth trash (empty boxes of pseudoephedrine- containing cold or allergy medicine, matchbook covers, stripped lithium batteries, drain cleaner, paint thinner, starter fluid, camp stove fuel)
  • Large amount of trash (stained paper towels, empty duct tape rolls, coffee filters with red stains)
  • Cookware containing a white residue
  • Plastic tubing
  • Soft drink bottles with hoses
  • Increased activity
  • Frequent visitors at odd times of the day
  • Extensive security measures (video surveillance system or baby monitors outside of residence)

If you suspect a meth lab in your area, please call the Confidential Tip Line at 636-797-6467 to leave a confidential tip or speak with one of the narcotics detectives at the Jefferson County Municipal Enforcement Group. Please do not enter a site that may have been used to cook meth because meth labs are very dangerous. 

To view a complete listing of meth lab seizures in Jefferson County, visit the Sheriff Department's page here.

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