Saturday, March 24, 2018
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 2016 Chronic Disease Self-Management Class Schedule

 Living a Healthy Life is a six-week workshop for adults living with a chronic condition and their family members.  Classes are highly participative, where mutual support and success builds confidence in participants’ ability to manage their health while maintaining active & fulfilling lives.
DeSoto Family Practice
June 14th- July 19th from 3-5:30PM
Jefferson County Library-Windsor Branch
June 16th-July 21st from 9-11am
Crystal City Public Library
June 20th-August 1st from 9-11:30am (no class on July 4th)
Jefferson County Library- Northwest Branch
June 22nd-July 27th from 9-11:30am
Call 636-797-3737 ext. 127 to register or if you have any questions.  The class is free.  Participants will receive a book and relaxation CD.

Chronic disease, specifically heart disease, remains the leading cause of death for Jefferson County residents.

To learn more about heart disease, visit the American Heart Association.



What you need to know about chronic disease:

-        What is chronic disease?

o   A chronic disease is a disease that lasts for years. Chronic-Diseases-word art

o   You do not get a chronic disease overnight – most chronic diseases take many years to develop.

-        What are some examples of chronic disease?

o   Heart disease, Type II diabetes, stroke, cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

-        What is my risk of chronic disease?

o   ANYONE can be at risk for chronic disease, regardless of age, weight, or other factors

o   Click here to take a survey that will determine YOUR disease risk

-        Preventing chronic disease

The good news is that YOU can take steps to prevent chronic disease:

o   “Although chronic diseases are among the most common and costly health problems, they are also among the most preventable. Adopting healthy behaviors such as eating nutritious foods, being physically active, and avoiding tobacco use can prevent or control the devastating effects of these diseases.” (CDC)

-       chronic dz What if I already have a chronic disease?

         o   Many of the same steps that help prevent chronic disease can also help control your                                     existing chronic disease.  Eating nutritious foods, being physically active, and avoiding                                 tobacco use and exposure are all good strategies.




             Check out our Nutrition and Physical activity resources




Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.  Accessed 12/17/09.  Page last modified 11/19/09.




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