Saturday, March 24, 2018
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The Jefferson County Health Departments Food Ordinance requires all food service operations to have their employees trained in food safety. The food code requires employees to demonstrate knowledge of food safety. All employees in Jefferson County Food Service Establishments must have been trained in one of the courses below.


The Jefferson County Food Ordinance requires that all food service operations have a Person In Charge during all times of operation.  The Person In Charge is a store manager, shift manager, associate, etc. who is responsible for the operation of the facility. Although there are few exceptions depending on the operation, the Person In Charge must complete an ANSI-CFP Accreditation Program for foodservice managers.  To comply with this requirement, the Health Department routinely teaches the ServSafe Managers Course at the Jefferson College and the County Health Department located in Arnold.  This training can also be obtained online through the following approved programs:

EMPLOYEE TRAINING (Basic Sanitation)

Employees must be trained in Basic Sanitation. This course is provided through the Jefferson College by the and through the health department. The health department also accepts The National Restaurant Association's ServSafe Starters course. This can be taken online at the ServSafe Food Handler Program. This course can be used but is not valid until a copy of the students training certificate has been sent to our office. A Basic Sanitation Certificate from the Health Department will be issued. This certificate is good for three years. The employee must then retrain. A copy of the certificate must be submitted to the Jefferson County Health Department.

If you have training that is different than described above contact the health department. For more information contact Jefferson County Health Department Environmental Services, (636) 797-3737, ext 3.

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