You must come to our office for a laboratory sample bottle to collect your water sample. Water testing costs $14.00 for residents $17.00 for non-residents of the county.

Our lab is only certified for bacterial water testing. We can do some chemical screens.

Licensed Well and Septic Inspectors for Real Estate Sale in Jefferson County Area

Contact the Jefferson College at (636) 797-3144.


$20.00 when taken at Jefferson College - includes booklet.
$15.00 when taken on-line at

Five years. You must retest to recertify for ServSafe Managers Training when your certification expires.

Three Years. You must take another course to obtain a new foodhandlers certificate.

16 hours. The course is taught on two days seven days apart.
Shorter class times are periodically available - call for more information

Two and a half hours.

The health department will provide a copy of your basic sanitation certificate at no cost. If you need a copy of your ServSafe Certificate you will need to contact the National Restaurant Association.

Due to a lack of operating revenue our Indoor Air Program has been suspended. Our office is only able to send out literature regarding mold, its dangers and remediation methods. We can't do environmental inspections at this time. Refer to your lease. If you do not have a lease download a copy of the Landlord Tenant Law to review your rights and responsibilities.

Jefferson County Code Enforcement has authority over solid waste in Jefferson County. Contact them at (636) 797-5036

Jefferson County Building Commission has authority over the installation and maintenance of onsite sewage systems in unincorporated Jefferson County. Contact them at (636) 797-5310

Jefferson County Storm Water Control has authority over storm water complaints. Contact them at (636) 797-6454

At this time there is not a county ordinance that requires property owners to maintain their lawns. No agency including the heatlh department can require a property owner to cut their lawn in unincorporated Jefferson County.

We recommend you see your physician for diagnosis. Contact our office to make a report at (636) 797-3737 or (636) 282-1010, ext. 264.

Contact our office at (636) 797-3737, extension 3.

We recommend you see a physician without delay and that you contact our office immediately to file a report at (636) 797-3737.

Contact our office at (636) 797-3737. We will mail or fax you the requirements. Also download our Temporary Food Service Requirements.

You might find suggestions that will help with this problem by using the "Rotten Egg Odor Remedies"