Thursday, March 22, 2018
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bedbugBed bugs are not known to transmit diseases. They are, however an uncomfortable nuisance. Its a common misconception that bed bugs are found in "dirty" or "low income" places. That misconception can not be farther from the truth. Bed bugs can be found in a multitude of locations ranging from single family residences, apartment buildings, hotels, and the wealthiest mansions. They are believed to have resurged as a result of increased capability and availability of domestic and international travel.



Bed bugs take blood meals for food. Their bites are often unnoticed. A person who travels extensively may not notice bites from a bed bug until long after they arrive home. The bites of a bed bug may be dismissed as a non-distinct rash, or bites associated with other insects, making identification of bed bug bites unreliable without the evidence of the insects themselves.


Eliminating bed bugs with the use of chemicals alone is extremely difficult and can be very expensive. Therefore it is essential to learn what to do when traveling and returning home to help identify infestations and reduce the possibility of bringing them to your home. The following links will provide guidance and help answer questions you may have regarding bed bugs.

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CDC Bed Bug page


CDC FAQ page


Cornell University Guidelines for Prevention and Management of Bedbugs in Shelters and Group Living Facilities


EPA Bedbug Page

Bedbug Video

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