The 12345 FitTastic! Healthy Lifestyle Initiative, started in Kansas City, MO, is a movement for collaboration among community partners to work together to promote healthy lifestyles and healthy weight for all.  Jefferson County Health Department joined the movement in 2017 and we are excited to promote healthier lifestyles and make our county a healthier place!

12345 FitTastic! is for all organizations committed to helping community members and youth be their most healthy selves! If you are interested in joining the movement, contact Adam Peters (adam.peters@jeffcohealth.org) or Morgan O'Connor (morgan.o'connor@jeffcohealth.org).

Want to know your FitTastic level? Take the quiz here and explore more information about FitTastic here.

Fit-Tastic_1 hour physical activity.png

1 Hour of Physical Activity

Fit-Tastic_2 screen time.png

2 Hours Maximum Screen Time

Fit-Tastic_3 dairy.png

3 Servings of Low or Nonfat Milk or Yogurt

Fit-Tastic_4 water.png

4 Servings of Water, Not Sugary Drinks 

Fit-Tastic_5 Fruits & Vegetables.png

5 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables